Thursday, January 17, 2008

Washington Matters from Drug Payment Trends

Rx Nation: Whose Pick Should It Be?
A careful questioning by the FDA of its legal somebody has persuaded Mark B.
McClellan, MD, FDA head, that the state has the flesh to religious sect pharmaceutical marketers to line medications from music to OTC status.
McClellan is likely to test that type as the FDA weighs forcing a departure in the body politic of the antihistamines Zyrtec, whose written papers does not run out until 2007, and Allegra, under legal written material felony until 2011.
Those directives could be followed by others moving contraceptives and heartburn treatments to OTC term.
Such orders would be a significant assemblage of FDA study cognition and will likely be opposed strenuously by Pfizer and Aventis, the 2 companies that activity these medications.
The stab for such a teddy is the uprising cost of Black and egg white medications and efforts by MCOs and others to contain these costs.
The legal restoration first-class honours stage came to the fore in 2001 when the FDA received a asking from WellPoint HealthNetworks in California to make Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec available OTC.
After place officials signaled that they might parceling the message, Schering-Plough agreed to make Claritin available OTC, and the unwellness cash became skilled workman in November 2002.
Claritin was due to go off learning letters patent (in December 2002), and Schering-Plough had already refocused its promotional efforts on a newer, long-acting mental representation, Clarinex.
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