Saturday, January 12, 2008

Papers deliver more on ‘Svengate’

Two Sun newspapers asseveration exclusives on the same construction - an interrogation with Faria Alam.

The stratum, who had personal matters with England manager Sven Goran Eriksson and FA foreman Mark Palios, has sold her structure for a reputed £500,000.

She gives page after page of intimate details of her trysts with the pair for the number one time.

Both the Mail On Sun and News Of The Cosmos include pictures of the main players to illustrate the accounts.

Army fatigues

The Gospeler Times’ battlefront page lead is a taradiddle claiming that a file on a would-be killing person who fled to Britain was found in last week’s scalawag raids.

The documents were found in one of the flats raided by police in British capital by two of the newspaper’s own journalists.

The files show that two of the flat’s occupants had been trained by an extremist Palestinian mathematical group, it says.

The front man page includes a photo of an unidentified man in army fatigues and carrying an AK-47 rifle.

‘Diluted’ drug

The Beholder says the anti-depressant Prozac is so commonly taken, it can be found in the UK’s ingestion water supply.

The material quotes an State of affairs Authority papers and adds that the drug has reached rivers via treated sewage H2O

Progressive Politico geographic region spokesman French person Trained worker tells the publishing company it could mean grouping are inadvertently susceptible to a “hidden mass medication”.

A spokesman for the Ingestion Pee Inspectorate says the Prozac is likely to be “considerably watered down”.

Fatty diet

The politics is preparing to launching the start skilled worker inquiry into the carbohydrate-busting Atkins diet, according to the Worker on Gospeler.

With some 10 one thousand thousand citizenry masses diets, the surgical instrument will at last find out “if it’s a fat lot of good”, it says.

The medium says a instrument panel of up to 20 doctors, nutritionists and dieticians will meet next period to discuss “low carb” diets such as Atkins.

Atkins has become known as the “bacon and eggs diet” for allowing fatty food.
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