Saturday, December 15, 2007

Relieving GERD symptoms and healing.

Perhaps because they are so effective in relieving GERD symptoms and healing erosive esophagitis and probably due to the fact that these agents are now available over-the-counter (OTC), it is not uncommon for patients to deviate from the recommended prescribing regimen of PPIs. Shaheen and colleagues evaluated the patterns of use surrounding OTC omeprazole in the United States. Labeling for OTC omeprazole indicates that individuals are to take 1 tab daily for 14 days and are not to repeat the educational activity more often than once every 4 months without consulting a physician. These investigators interviewed nearly 1000 OTC discount nexium users with laurels to the program of their OTC PPI use. The mean age of study participants was 51.7 eld and 63% were women. Eighty-eight percent had some form of medical contract and 91% had direction drug news. Among the OTC users, 55% had been using the OTC PPI for more than a year and 80% were taking the drug every day. The ratio daily dose was 1.25 pills, and 33% of the subjects had not been formally diagnosed with GERD. Among these individuals, use of the drug was reported for more than 23 weeks in the previous year. Polypharmacy with antacids, H2RAs, and medicine PPIs was also common among respondents. This normal of noncompliance is obviously concerning for several reasons: Individuals who may performance from a dance medical valuation for GERD and GERD-related complications are not organism seen in clinical utilisation, and the out-of-pocket expending for these individuals is likely substantial. Several reports of “on-demand” PPI use have been published in the lit in recent long time, and this preparation, not uncommon in World organization, is gaining popularity in the United States. Buccaneer and colleagues evaluated the clinical results associated with on-demand PPI therapy compared with continuous PPI therapy with rabeprazole in patients with uninvestigated GERD.
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