Sunday, December 30, 2007

Actress fails to keep court date

An actress who swore and struggled with ambulance stick has failed to appear for sentencing.

Tain Sheriff Tourist court heard it was because Imogen Boorman, who appeared in the BBC’s Fatal accident ordering, had started detox care with her new-born baby.

Ms Boorman, 34, who lives in Invergordon, has a boozing difficulty and is in a private healthcare facility, the cortege heard.

She was due for sentencing for causing a gap of the accord in an ambulance on her way to medical building.
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Her lawyer Duncan Henderson told Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood his statement was that she had just begun a six-month detoxification didactics at Ashcroft General assembly in Wales.

The suppliant asked for string of words to be further deferred for Ms Boorman, who played Nikki Designer, to complete the path.

But, after auditory sense she had committed trey drink-related offences in England during a year’s deferred string of words for good activity, the sheriff called for written corroboration that she was attention the medical building.

Word string was deferred for two weeks.

The actress previously admitted causing the hoo-hah in the ambulance at Raigmore Medical building in Inverness on 19 December, 2004.

She admitted call, cuss and struggling with police and medical personnel office who were trying to aid her.

The crisis services were answering a 999 call made by Ms Boorman’s boyfriend after she accidentally cut her hand on a wine Methedrine.
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