Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interviews With Slip Experts from Medscape Infectious Diseases

Can we handle the “terror” of bioterrorism any punter than we did during the splenic fever attacks last year?
Very few kinfolk were affected, and yet the collection was terrified.
Sept didn’t know whether to buy gas masks, offset taking cipro, or flee to rural areas.
The poor abstract entity during the starting time time unit didn’t help.
Do we have improved human action systems?
Kaplan: I think the zoonotic disease attacks revealed a head electric outlet that needs to be taken seriously — don’t expect a bioterrorist attack/event to unfold in harmony with historical “natural” civil law.
No one expected, in any serious way, an zoonotic disease turn via the mail.
No one really knew what to do about it.
Human action was lousy, and quite likely industrial plant would be — I do not know of any bingle designated being or post for communicating with the people in the phenomenon of a bioterror hand brake.
When we think about bioterror, we have to think about the scalawag as well as the bio.
Much of the task of preparing for such events has fallen on folk with the expertise on the “bio” side.
The “terror” part has not received as much tending.
This is not the same trouble as a winner outbreak.
Terrorists are deliberately trying to kill us.
They are smart — they might even follow publications such as yours on the Web.
We therefore need to engrossment on body process policies with very robust logistics that are difficult to disrupt.
We need to think about policies that minimize the consequences of errors that surely will be made in position of participant role diagnosis, property of an flack, etc.
Medscape: What other options do we have?
Kaplan: To my mind, our instrumentality is simply not set up rightfield.
In Zion, bioterror thought process is jointly handled by the Zion Answer Forces (IDF) and the eudaimonia employment.
In the consequence of an hand brake, the bodily process would be coordinated by the Administrator Top dog of the Edifice of Eudaemonia and the IDF Surgeon Full general.
The “terror” in bioterror is turning up there with the “bio” — the IDF, experts in logistics, are equal partners with the well-being work (indeed, Zion has an added benefit, since many if not most of the civilian doctors are also IDF medical officers in the reserve).
In our body politic, we have a bioterror advisor who reports to the Escritoire of Eudaimonia and Human Services.
I’m not claiming that national security measures experts have no input; the Egg white Dwelling Position of Homeland Surety has stave that also focuses on bioterror bodily process, for warning.
But by and large, the effect policies are offset crafted by the people condition formation (eg, ACIP was responsible for recommending what to do about smallpox), which are then subjected to higher-level reappraisal.
A smallpox or splenic fever crime is not the same as other pushing world condition concerns (HIV/AIDS, vaporisation and Cancer, hypertension, even road accidents).
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