Saturday, April 26, 2008

Formulation Containing Metronidazole - Odor & Exudate Control

In this same immersion, patients also reported significantly less pain,
but there was no mechanism for the gel conveyance or scathe
intermixture used.
In a double-blind placebo-controlled run, metronidazole 0.8% gel was
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in the chemical reaction of odor from fungating celestial body or
metastatic tumors.
The change in odor between the mortal and placebo-treated wounds was
clinically evident but not statistically significant because of the
study’s size illustration size (11 patients).
There are numerous other articles (case studies or anecdotal
experience) reporting the reaction of harm odor with topically applied
metronidazole. Fungating wounds are the visible markers of underlying malignant
disease. The wounding develops from a anesthetic agent tumor extending
into the epithelium and its supporting lymph and body fluid vessels.
As the mass increases and loses its vascularity, capillaries breaking,
and necrosis and subsequent illegality develop.
This produces a malodorous purulent lesion. For patients, odor is often
the most distressing knottiness of their wounds and poses a
considerable situation to caregivers.
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